Information About Edrees Khan Rahmatzada

Edrees Khan Rahmatzada

Basic science

Edrees Khan Rahmatzada was born in 1996 in kabul province district of  paghman in an academic family. He has finished his school in Ghazi High School.

In 2013, after successfully passing the entrance exam Of Kankor to the Faculty of Biology of Kabul University, he graduated with a bachelor's degree and outstanding grades from this university in 2016.

Edrees Khan Rahmatzada went to South Asian University in 2017 after passing the entrance exam of this university and completed this course successfully after two years in 2019 and after that he was hired as a permanent lecturer of biology at Cheragh University in 2019. He worked as a permanent lecturer of Biology at Cheragh University for one and half years. He was hired as a permanent faculty member for the subject of biology in 2020 at Ghalib University (Kabul). In addition to being a lecturer of biology, he is currently a permanent member of the research Committee of the Faculty of Dentistry, Ghalib University. And he also worked for WHO during COVID-19 pandemic at panjshir province.