Information About Abdul Hadi Stanikzai

Abdul Hadi Stanikzai

Basic science

Professor Dr. Abdul Hadi Stanakzai born in 1333 in logar province, Muhammad agha district, Kotobkhil village.


Primary school: Kabul Shah Shahid district.

Secondary and High school: Habibia High School.

Bachelor’s degree: Biological science from faculty of science Kabul university (1356) Master’s degree: Biological science from pedagogical institute (Moscow), (supported by UNESCO).

PHD in Biological Science from Pedagogical Institute (1369)

Prerequisite course for PhD degree in Moscow equivalent to master’s degree in biology (1363).

Completion of PhD dissertation and successful defense (1369).

Professional and administrative activities:

1) 1357 teacher at Isteqlal high school

2) 1362 lecturer at Kabul pedagogical institute

3) 1363-1369 gone for PhD and master’s degree to Russia

4) 1370-1380 lecturer at biology department at Kabul Education University

5) 1381-1385 member of curriculum design and development committee at ministry of education

6) 1381-1385 member of curriculum design and development committee at ministry of higher education

7) 1385-11395 member of national research committee at ministry of higher education

8) 1388-1397 head of curriculum design and development committee at Kabul Education University

9) 1390-1393member of designer strategic at ministry of higher education

10) 1394-1395head of science and metarnartic association of Afghanistan

11) 1396-1398dean of faculty of science Kabul Education University

12) 1398-1399member of national master committee at ministry of higher education

13) 1398-1399head of professional center at Ghalib University

Academic activities:

Teaching medical genetics, molecular biology general biology and plant systematic courses in bachelor

Teaching in master’s program courses of professional development and disposition

Curriculum design and development, seminar and discipline (klocium)

Teaching at American university course of biological science leader ship and management professional development and applied research

Teaching at master of leadership and management course of understating students.

Teaching applied research course of staff collage of interior ministry in master programs

Teaching medical genetics and molecular biology at Ghalib University

Implementation of nature of science programs at USAID

Scientific and research activities:

Mastering thesis in pollination in spermatophyte

Mastering thesis in molecular cell biology

Ph.-D dissertation in alkaloid plant (peganum harmala)

Academic research essay life from of plant Moscow

Published of dissertation summary in Moscow

Published genetics for biology department in KEU

Published 3 essays in PAIAM E Mareffat (Journal of MoHE)

Authoring 7 text books for teacher training academy (TTA)

Delivering more than 20 scientific conferences

Or seminars

Conducting research on the impacts of Master’s program on teaching

Conducting research on genetically modified program.