Information About Tamanna Yaqoobi

Tamanna Yaqoobi

Faculty of Stomatology

Dr. Tamanna Yaqoobi was born in the heart of Afghanistan Kabul city in a very bright and well-educated family in 1990.

Dr. Tamanna completed her primary and secondary education as a refugee in Pakistan. She completed her high school baccalaureate level from Lami Shaheed High School in Kabul securing the first position.

In addition to her regular education Dr. Tamanna was always keen to learn more and gain further knowledge and skills. She pursued English language and computer trainings as well as some calligraphy courses.

Given her deep interest in youth development she actively engaged in working with youths while living as a refugee in Pakistan. She soon became youth movement representative in Afghan Women’s Network organization – a not for profit originations serving women of Afghanistan from Peshawar Pakistan.

Dr. Tamanna participated in Kabul Kankor exam and secured high scores to qualify for Stomatology faculty in 2008. Dr. Tamanna graduated from the stomatology faculty of Kabul University with highest mark in 2014.

Having strong interest in achieving the highest level of education in her field Dr. Tamanna pursued the specialization in the field of stomology and successfully completed her specialization in the year 2018.

As a patriotic doctor and love to her people, Dr. Tamanna served various positions including volunteer roles with government and as a professional practitioner to help girls and women. It has been a year that Dr. Tamanna serves as a lecturer in Ghalib University. Given her impressive academic achievements and invaluable work experiences Dr. Tamanna was selected to serve as head of Dental Medicine Department of Stomology since 2019.