Information About Dr.Abdul Wakil Ramakee

Dr.Abdul Wakil Ramakee

Faculty of Stomatology

Dr.Abdul Wakil Ramakee ‘s biography

Dr.Abdul Wakil Ramakee son of Juma Mohammad essentially from Ghazni province of Afghanistan was born in 1989 in Kabul capital.

Dr.Ramakee graduated from Ghulam Haider Khan high school in 2005.

He admitted to Kabul Medical University KMU, faculty of stomatology in 2006 and graduated from this academic organization with top scores in 2012.

From 2012 up to 2018, he has worked as dentist in afghan private hospital.

In 2014, he passed public health ministry’s entrance exam and admitted to stomatology national and specialization hospital as trainee doctor and in early 2019, Dr.Ramakee graduated from this hospital as Maxillofacial surgeon.

In august 2019, after job announcement of Ghalib university for maxillofacial surgery department lecturer vacancy, he candidate himself as lecturer.

After passing the comprehensive exam, he has been hired as maxillofacial surgery lecturer in September 2019.