Information About Dr. Zameer Habib Zada

Dr. Zameer Habib Zada

Lecturer at Medicine Faculty

Personal biography  
Dr. Zameer Habib Zada  S/O Ghulam Mohammad Habib Zada was born on (1996) in Alishang district of Laghman province, Afghanistan. 
Academic qualification
Dr. Habib Zada was graduated from Rokhan high school (Laghman, Afghanistan) in the year of (1392) and attended Nangarhar Medical University after passing entrance exam with excellent grade. Following   7 years of continual efforts Dr. Habib Zada succeeded to earned his degree from the same university on curative medicine.  Beside his professional educations he has also work as lecturer in many medical institute  etc.
Dr. Habib Zada has the privilege of working with the following institution/organizations: 
Bayazid Rokhan institute of higher education : 
Position Title: Lecturer and head of clinic department 
Date:  2022 -2023 
Ghalib University, Kabul, Afghanistan: 
Position Title: Permanent lecturer
Date: 05/08/2023-present