Information About Heshmatullah Mohammadi

Heshmatullah Mohammadi

Department of Islamic Culture

Heshmatullah Mohammadi, the son of Muhammad Amin, was born in a religious and cultured family in the Astalaf district of Kabul province in the fall of 1370 AH. He graduated from the mentioned Dar al-Uloom with the highest degree and in the same year they entered the Faculty of Sharia of Kabul University during the entrance examination. The public exam was included in the National Law Education Center and he successfully completed it, and in 2016 AH he was included in the Master's degree program of Salam University, Department of Jurisprudence and Law, and at the end of 2018 AH he successfully defended his thesis. have graduated from the mentioned program.
Compulsory academic activities:
 Teaching and administrative work in a number of private universities for seven years.
 Currently, he is working as a permanent academic staff in the Department of Islamic Culture and Deputy Faculty of Law of Ghalib University.
Conditions of Ijtihad and Taqlid (unpublished)..
 Istisna contract and its contemporary applications in Afghan banks (jurisprudential and legal analysis) (unpublished).
A number of scientific articles.